Perception is Reality

The beautifulness of an object or event doesn’t change just because people try to make it ugly.  The way people perceive things is their own reality, but you can CHOOSE your perception.

Think about it- glass half full or glass half empty.  The glass has the same amount of water in it.  The only thing that changes is the individual’s perception of the glass.

So much is determined by the choices we make.  Makes me wonder if it really is that simple to choose your way to a happy life why would anyone choose hate, bitterness, sadness, despair, anger, unforgiveness… the list goes on.

What allows someone to make the positive choice? What is the missing piece?

Certainly no one that knew they could do something as simple as choose, would choose anything but happiness.

Willpower- courage-strength- hope-longsuffering-love.  It’s the want to: It is easy to have a self-pity party; ask my kids- they do it all the time.  But when you are a child you are expected to act like a child, when you are an adult- well you are expected to act like an adult.

I know people that can fix anything- they will find some way to make it work, whatever it is, it will work.  They don’t quit; they don’t complain about it, they just fix it.

I know other people- if something doesn’t go exactly the way they think it should or something breaks they throw a big ole fit- temper tantrum- and ruin their time and everyone else’s.

Guess who I want to spend my time with!  What’s the difference? Perception!  One person sees a problem as an opportunity to fix something- do they like it? No- but they don’t pick up their ball and go home when they don’t get their way.

The other person- well let’s just say everyone usually walks on egg shells; praying nothing will go wrong so everyone’s time is not ruined.  These people, in my opinion, actually enjoy pitching a fit.  The same way a child does.  Its a form of a release for them.

You can choose to view the world differently.  Once you know who you are in Christ and how he views you- you can see the world through his eyes.  When something doesn’t go exactly how you planned it- it will be okay.  God will provide a plan B, or even a plan C.  As long as you know God is your provider and he is on your side, you can handle whatever comes your way with grace.

Choose a positive mindset today!  When you wake up in the mornings think and SAY- it’s a Glass half-full kind of day!

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